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Providing the most reliable, efficient, affordable and responsible financial services.

A t Fintrust, we aim to consistently provide the most reliable, efficient, affordable and responsible financial services to all our clients. We aim to uplift their standards of living and alleviate financial pressures. Having served the people of Eswatini for several years, we know what financial packages are best suited to our clients. .

What we do is simple. We are your partner who provides you with a cashflow solution when you need it the most. Yes, you’ll need to qualify and meet our criteria and run a good business, but when traditional lines of funding and overdraft facilities are not an option, we are.

From managing your staff loan structure, to instituting streamlined salary deduction processes, we ensure that repayments are made as quick and as simple as possible.

We work on a one-on-one basis with our clients to better understand their needs and see how we can assist. Let us know your story, and become a part of ours.

Our Team


Ms. Adrienne Changuion

Company Director

Mr. Ioannis Sophocleous

Company Director


Our Main Operating Principles:


Our specifically tailored repayment packages take into account your financial responsibilities. We treat each client with the necessary sensitivities surrounding the nature of credit.


Through SMS and email reminders, coupled with detailed repayment breakdowns, we remain highly transparent with each client.

Extreme Selectivity

Through background checks and use of necessary Credit Bureaus, we ensure that each selected client is able to afford their repayment plan.


We remain committed to complete fairness and transparency regarding the potential consequences of non or late repayment.


We make it easy to contact us during office hours: via the website, e-mail or by phone. If you have a complaint or concern you will receive a response from us within hours.

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